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PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:31 pm 
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Hey guys,

I recently bought a H14T as my first personal boat ever, and it will be my first cat sailing. I have "decent" knowledge from sailing mono-hauls... But I was just drawn to Hobie's and the cat style of sailing. But I do have some questions about the H14T:

1. Mast rake: I understand the concept of rake, but to my understanding of combing through this forum is that the amount of mast rake really important for the non-turbo models. Is this correct?

2. Mast rotation: Pretty much a similar question, is this typically found on the unirig models? I actually am not too familiar with the concept and what this does to shape the sail and the effects. I know my rig doesn't have one currently, and I only want to go out on the Hobie for a good time; no racing.

3. Jib style: I have SOME of the parts for the jib furling system (well actually just the roller-furler), but my buddy has a jib halyard type system on his turbo (no furling). Cost-wise, it would be marginal for me to set up either one. Which system is preferred, realizing that I will be trailering the boat every time I wish to hit the water?

Thanks guys, I am so excited to get working on my Hobie. The hulls are in GREAT shape with no flex anywhere. It just needs to be cleaned off and a lot of little parts (and by little I mean a new tramp and jib, oof). I found her under some trees and it hadn't been moved since '97. Needle in a haystack indeed.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 6:22 am 
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The jib furler is only one small part of the turbo backfit. A jib adds a lot of compression to the mast. You need a dolphin striker bar or cable to reinforce the front beam. You'll also need to modify the siderails and tramp for the jib blocks.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:41 pm 
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To Sunvista: Maybe I'm missing something but he did say this is a Turbo so likely has the front beam reinforcement of DS.

If no tensioned cable crossing the tramp area from shroud attachment points (and no jib blocks around?) that is another thing to fix. The H14T has blocks on the tramp- fixed through large grommets in tramp- for jib control. Or you can install tracks on the front bar like H16 but I have both and like the flexibility.
ajbrackman wrote:
1. Mast rake...
Improves windward performance in general. Weather helm produced can be problematic and must be fixed by forward rudder angle adjustment. Most H14s don't have adjustable upper tiller arms which allow some on later boats. Experiment and see?
ajbrackman wrote:
2. Mast rotation...
Not necessary for non-racing enjoyment as long as mast rotates normally as designed. You'll have enough to do... :D
ajbrackman wrote:
3. Jib style...
I like the flexibility (pun?) of furling jib, but you lose option of battens.No control of forestay tension like Aussie or H16 jib halyard systems though.

I hope you are a light and relatively agile human as this is what H14T needs...

Raise your sail one foot, and you get ten feet of wind.
起你的一只帆,和你10英尺的。 -- Chinese Proverb
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2011 7:30 am 
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Look online for the H14 tuning guide by former world champ Bob Curry.
This was also published in the Hobie Class Magazine (free on the internet, hardcopy if you're a Hobie Class member) called the Hobie Hotline... an article on tuning the H14.

The article discusses in detail: mast rake, rudder rake, forestay and shroud tension, mast rotation, downhaul, etc.

Oh yeah, the article is also on the beachcats website:
http://www.thebeachcats.com/news/84/hob ... ing-guide/

Mast rake is good for going upwind, but moving the mast back moves the sail back, which puts more effort over the back of the boat, so that loads up the rudders w/weather helm. To counteract that, you bring the rudders in closer (mast back, rudders forward)... the rudders are adjusted to hang more under the hulls rather than behind. An inch here makes a lot of difference in helm feel.

Mast rotation, it will rotate naturally. In the front crossbar mast step are two 'stops' which prevent the mast from rotating beyoned them. See the referenced article earlier. Sailshape, well going upwind when you want the main more flat, you can rotate the mast less, so the mast is 'in-line' w/the luff of the sail, and the air has a smooth transition. Likewise when off the wind and the main is out and full, you can rotate the mast so it's STILL aligned w/the luff and there is still a smooth transition from the wind, to smooth around the mast, and into the sail.

Personally, I love the ability to furl the jib. Likewise when not sailing and the boat is on the beach, it's one less thing to mess with... just unfurl and go. Yes, you lose the ability to have battens and jib tension. Opportunity cost.

My h14T is also an '85, in great shape. Check out bringing back the hulls to original blue here:



PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2011 6:32 pm 
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First off, thanks so much guys for all the information. It's been a long learning process already. I have combed through the tuning guide a few times and it all makes sense, but would it still apply when flying the jib? It would seem reasonable that it would.

Also, yes I do have the correct tramp, the jib blocks and all that for the jib. Just now to decide how to hoist it, but like you guys I think that the furler is the way to go.

Finally, yes I am about 175 lbs and 'young and dumb'. I looking forward to getting this girl out on Lake Michigan next spring.

'85 14T

PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 1:54 pm 
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Lake Michigan!? Excellent, you are one of us from the North.

Check out: http://cramsailing.com/

And also look over to the Region 10 updates under the Board Index:


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