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PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:10 pm 
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Currently have a 2hp Honda 4 stroke. Costly to maintain and does not seem to be made for use in saltwater. Lots of internal corrosion and lots of carb re-builds year after year. Also, as light as it is, don't like having the aft mount intermittently dragging in the water when boat is loaded with 4 or more people.

Wondering if an electric trolling motor would suffice. Only used if the wind dies or if launch is crowded and can't sail up to the dock safely. I sailed about 20 days last summer and only used the Honda about 5-6 times. Not even a tank (quart) of gas used.

I believe the rough conversion of lbs thrust to hp is 75:1. Wondering if a 55lbs thrust trolling motor would be enough to push the Getaway against a medium wind if necessary. Don't need fast, but I do need to move without rowing. Thinking a made for saltwater trolling motor would be less maintenance and could be mounted on the bow crossbar and stowed above the tramp when not in use. Battery would be 2x6V in waterproof box stored in cooler in one of the hulls.

Looking at the Minn Kota Riptide 55/T

http://mk.factoryoutletstore.com/detail ... y_id=20851

Comments or suggestions? Experience?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 02, 2016 4:04 pm 
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I currently have a Torqeedo electric, but it's about the same size and weight as a gas outboard. I had a Thistle daysailer (17' monohull) that I used a regular trolling motor on, with an automobile jumpstart battery package to power it. It worked just fine. Not too fast, but got me in and out of the channel to the launch ramp.
Yeah, I've thought a regular trolling motor that had some sort of pivoting mount, so it would pivot up under the crossbar, would be ideal. I have to strap my Torqeedo off to the side so the tiller bar doesn't hit the Getaway's tiller cross bar.
I presume you currently have a Cheeta motor mount?

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 4:26 pm 
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We have Honda's on our TI. We are mostly in salt water (florida keys and sw florida) and have learned a little about what goes wrong with hondas.
First off never run regular gas in them. Even sitting a few days with ethanol gas gums up the carbs. One of our local gas stations sells RV gas with no ethanol, since switching over all my carb problems went away. We also use yamaha fuel stabilizer (dealer recommended it), seems to work better than the stuff you get at home depot.

The vented gas caps get plugged up if you leave the motor tilted up or if they get wet. Taking the gas cap apart and cleaning regularly helps (the tiny holes plug up).

Never store the motor tilted up for long periods, when storing it needs to be vertical.

With the motor tilted up it needs to remain straight, if turned to the side while tilted the carb fills with oil.

After use in salt water always rinse the motor off with fresh water (it states that in the manual), I also remove the cover and spray down with WD40, (anything metal).

The carbs are very easy to remove and clean yourself, just remember where everything goes (lol)

Change your oil often, we run mobil one in ours.

My opinion is these are the best motors out there (I've gone thru lots of other brands). Also unfortunately way more expensive than anything else out there.

Obviously we use ours to go great distances in the keys, often 50-60 miles which is too far for any electric and I would hate to have my batteries go dead 20 miles from launch in the powerful gulfstream (next stop Cuba or N carolina (lol)). Our current range is 200 miles (just in case things turn to crap (it's happened to us). They keys are known for sudden thunderstorms in the afternoons out of nowhere. When it gets dire out there we open the motors up and bee line back to safety, we call it gettin out of Dodge. (Really sucks to be in 35mph winds and 6-8ft seas (been there done that)).
Good luck

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