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PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:51 pm 
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I've had a Trailex SUT-200 for two years now (purchased January 2011). Here are some of my observations and opinions...

I ordered it from a local Hobie dealer, but built it myself in my garage. This is the Trailex trailer specifically from Hobie for hauling the TI.

Initially, the somewhat generic instructions were a bit confusing and even contradictory in places, but I managed to get the thing properly built up for hauling my TI.

Within the first few months of ownership I made several upgrades including: 1.) the addition of a winch, 2.) a bow stop & bow cradle, 3.) additional tie-down points for the amas, 4.) retractable ratcheting tie-down straps for the main hull, 5.) a handle near the hitch reciever, 6.) bearing buddies, 7.) a spare tire, 8.) a red safety flag attached to the TI rudder while on the trailer, and 9.) a red bike light clipped to the TI rudder (for night travel).

Overall, my Trailex SUT-200 has performed well on several road trips in excess of 400 miles (round trip) and on several local trips of 100 miles (round trip). No major complaints.


Without any suspension, I have this nagging feeling that my beloved TI is taking an unnecessary beating with every pothole and railroad track I cross.

Moreover, the SUT-200 has a listed weight limit of 200 lbs. and yet the boat itself comes in at about 190 lbs. when rigged. With all of the mods I've made to my boat, I'm sure I'm well past that weight limit. In my mind, it never made sense that this trailer has a max capacity of 200 lbs., and yet, the load it is intended to carry comes very close to that MAX capacity. In other words, there's precious little room for the "real world" here.

Yes, I'm sure the trailer can actually handle 400 lbs., but the manufacturer listed it at 200. I was taught to work within the listed tolerance of any given machine, so having a load that probably exceeds the indicated max rating rubs me against the grain.

One last thing... the TI is long enough and heavy enough to warrant a third cradle. Yes, two are sufficient for short trips to the beach, but once again, this denies the "real world" wherein some of us are traveling hundreds of miles per trip, and even storing the TI on the trailer permanently (present author included).

Although I have no serious complaints, I really think the Trailex SUT-350 is a MUCH better option for hauling the TI. The factory suspension is sure to give a more gentle ride, and the higher load tolerance would be pretty hard to exceed, no matter what mods were made to the boat. Also, a third cradle would be great (though this isn't a standard feature of the 350).

In the near future, I'm either going to upgrade to a 350 and add a third cradle myself, or modify my existing trailer by adding suspension and a third cradle. I really feel that's the trailer this boat needs if we are to do things right.

Houston, TX.
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:14 am 
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The standard Trailex SUT-350-s is not designed specifically for the TI - you'll have to leave off some assorted pieces and install the Hobie cradles (or similar) on your own, and once done it's a heck of a nice trailer for these boats. They will sell you one, but maybe not direct. They might require you to go through a Trailex dealer. There are plenty of those.

I bought the 350 and like it a great deal. The soft springs are perfect for the TI's weight. They flex nicely under small bumps but have enough travel for soaking up larger bumps as well. I wish I had bought the same trailer for my AI.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:37 am 
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I totally agree with what Tom and georebs are saying, particularly in regards to the load rating, extra gear, future mods to the TI and the trailer itself.

My SUT 350-S is over 2 1/2 years old and although I've made changes to the original set up viewtopic.php?f=69&t=35469
I'm still very happy with it.

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