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PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:14 am 
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guess it didn't. i received email with nomad parts list on sale
from Bo Williams <bo.williams@laserperformance.com>

PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:22 pm 
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Hi Dave:

Got my Getaway in early September (wonderful, wild sail in 30+knot gusts for the September long week-end -> yeehaa!). For even more fun, I decided to add the spinnaker kit - which just arrived from Hobie today.

After finding this forum when looking for info on how to install, I see that you have written an instruction list. Unfortunately, the link is no longer working (past the 30 days).

Would you mind re-posting your instructions? I'm eager to get the kit installed soon (though I will have to wait until the lake water gets soft to actually fly the spin...).

Thanks for your help.

Cheers, Tom :D

PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:17 am 
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I e mailed you a copy as well.

Jacques Bernier

PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 7:37 am 
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old post, but still relevant. I just ordered the spinnaker for my hobie 16.
IT's here - and it's SCAREY.

Someone above said "it's not a big seller so we haven't made instructions?"

I've not ordered one for years (put it off) because it's intimidating. I read about the lack of installation instructions and - WELL THAT WHY ITS NOT A BIG SELLER.

I love hobie products, but their instructions and promo - "SUCKS"

Hobie 16's where EVERYWERE I went in the 70's and early 80's. Now I don't see them anywhere. WHY?

I purchased 3 used boats. (H16's) NOT one of the 3 different people I bought them from knew how to really rig theirs. EACH was rigged differently! And each was wrong I later discovered. I really found no good instructions on rigging and mainly learned it myself through trial and error and luckily each of the 3 boats had at least one little part that was rigged right, so between the correct part on each of the three boat I figured it out.


So 1700.00 for a spinnaker... I finally took the chance. And my dealer said there would be english instructions. (though I heard rumor they would be in French)
SURE NUF - one sheet of french instructions XEROX'ed with MUDDY DARK PICTURES (few like 2?) and the instructions are of little to no help.

WHAT IS IT WITH HOBIE? Does anyone have good photos of a H16 installed spinnaker?

If I had photos I would host a site to share them. I run a server that hosts many websites. Let me help by posting the photos that may be out there to help other hobie folks!


PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:51 am 
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Hey Matt or Jacques!
Why don't you buy OttawaDave's instruction manual and post it on the Hobie website, and include it with the spinnaker? It is about a million times better than the single page fuzzy copy that came with my $1680 spinnaker kit!
In the meantime, I saved a pdf copy of O'Dave's instructions (thanks again Dave! I owe you a case of your favorite beer!) that I'll forward to anyone who wants it.
Bob Peterson

Yet another Bob!

PostPosted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 11:03 am 
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OttawaDave wrote:
Hi Bob,
Thanks for the pictures. I am going to create spinnaker installation instructions for the Getaway, so all these pictures are very useful.

What is the progress on this?

The first item that needs to be cleared up it the placement of the halyard on the mast. The measurement provided for the Hobie 16 is not correct for a Getaway.

The sail is designed for the Hobie 16 ISP (deck to maximum hoist) and JSP (Tack to front of mast). The JSP is set by the Spinnaker Pole so that is not an issue. What is needed is the correct ISP to place the Spinnaker Halyard block correctly and the correct placement for the Spinnaker sheet blocks.

The correct ISP is found in the Hobie 16 Class rules:
5. The head of the spinnaker shall not be hoisted higher than 6865 mm from the base of the extrusion. At the halyard block or keeper the bearing surface of the halyard shall be no more than 70 mm from the surface of the mast. For the purposes of measurement, the halyard shall be pulled tight to the tack fitting.

If you measure from the tang on the Getaway mast using the Hobie 16 measurements the Spinnaker Halyard will be about 8" to low (The Tang to Base measurement on a H16 is 18'. The Getaway is 17'4")

Measure up from the bottom of the mast extrusion 22' 6.275" (6865mm) to place the top of the sheeve inside the Spinnaker Halyard Block. This and the fixed length of the pole will set the luff of the Spinnaker correctly for a Getaway.

I'll measure a 16 to get a sheet block location when I rig my 16's and add that information also.


(Ex-rigger) :-)

PostPosted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 11:53 am 
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This is some of the confusion available from the Hobie Site:


The new sail does not allow the halyard to be rigged as shown. It cannot be passed though the sail. There is no detail on how the end of the halyard attaches to the sail. It appears to end at the top dowsing patch but there is no way to secure it there.
The mast tang dimensions may be correct for a 16, they are wrong for a Getaway.
This instruction shows the Spinnaker Sheet blocks at the *FRONT* corner of the trampoline of a H16.
This instruction shows the Spinnaker Halyard cam cleat and lower halyard block mounted on the fron cross beam 120mm to starboard of the mast base. This moves the halyard running up the mast off center and will allow the halyard tension to vary from one gybe to the other as the mast rotates and the shroud tension changes.


This one has instructions for 16's, 18's, and 20/21's but not the Getaway
This instruction shows the Spinnaker Sheet blocks on the side rail close to the *AFT* corner of the trampoline of a H16. One of these instruction has to be wrong.
This instruction shows the spinnaker halyard base block mounted to the spinnaker pole rather than the front cross beam. this keeps the halyard on centre and the tension should not change as the boat gybes. I think this is better.
This instruction shows the spinnaker halyard cam cleat mounted to starboard on the front cross beam in line with the hiking strap (much farther than 120mm).

If Hobie is going to create an instruction sheet for the Getaway these contradictions should be resolved.


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