Hobie Fishing Team

In an effort to spread the joy of kayak fishing, we have assembled a Kayak Fishing Team comprised of some of the best kayak anglers in the world. They are ambassadors of the sport and experts in their local fishing arenas. Our team members do everything from displaying their skills in kayak fishing tournaments to conducting seminars, and some of them even run their own kayak fishing guide services. Be sure to keep an eye out for members at shows and Hobie-sponsored events.

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Top Guns are select top anglers from the Hobie Fishing Team. We’ve asked them to share their fish catching techniques that have proven consistently effective. Hobie Top Guns write and record their experiences catching their favorite kayak-caught species in a weekly contribution posted to our blog.

Eric Harrison
Brandon Barton
Tom Michael
Michael Rischer
Rafael Vargas
Collin Belle
Richard Ofner
Ross Gallagher
Steve Lessard
Benton Parrott
Rob Milam

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