Hobie Island Club

Hobie Island Club

The Hobie Island Club is a place to meet other Hobie Mirage Adventure Island and Hobie Mirage Tandem Island owners to share passions for the waterways and oceans of our world. Hobie Dealers are organizing local Island Clubs worldwide. The Hobie Island Club will assist in the introduction of Island owners to one another where dreams of sailing to places unknown and countless adventures can become a reality.

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How to Join?

Browse the Hobie Island Club map to find a local Island Club near you. Click the club marker and click ‘Join this club’, then simply fill out the form to the left and click ‘Join’. If you don’t see a club near you, continue reading.

Why Join?

Join the Hobie Island Club with your fellow Adventure and Tandem Island owners. Hobie Island owners are now sailing on oceans, rivers, lakes and waterways in over 40 countries worldwide. Island sailors are meeting in pairs and in the dozens to sail and have fun. Hobie Island owners deserve more of a good thing, so we have put together an Island owner gift just for you.

By including your Adventure Island or Tandem Island serial number with your Hobie Island Club registration you will receive for a limited time, one complimentary Hobie Island Club cotton tee-shirt (while supplies last) for your participation as an Island Owner in the Hobie Island Club.

Can’t Find an Island Club near you?

Although new clubs are being created at a rapid pace, there are some areas where clubs have not yet been established. If there isn’t an Island Club near you at the moment, don’t let this keep you from getting out on the water with friends. As the number of Island owners who join the Hobie Island Club increases we will be working closely with our Hobie Dealers to encourage club creation in most all areas where Hobie Cat is present.

For now, make sure you join and provide your Adventure Island or Tandem Island serial number to receive your complimentary Island owner’s gift while supplies last.


The Hobie Island Club Facebook page is a great place to share all of your Island Club experiences. Upload your photos and videos, and keep in touch with other Island enthusiasts.

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