with Glide Technology

The ungainly paddle is replaced by the sheer efficiency of the MirageDrive pedal. With the largest human muscle group now in play, kayaking becomes easier than ever.

Hobie MirageDrive
MirageDrive Adjustability

MirageDrive Adjustability

The MirageDrive pedals can be quickly adjusted to make one boat comfortable for taller or shorter pedalers.

MirageDrive Adjustability

Glide Technology

Now with Glide Technology, the addition of roller bearings at key friction points reduces resistance for a smooth and efficient ride.

MirageDrive Glide Technology

Fin Options

  • Standard Fin
  • ST Fin
  • ST Turbo Fin
Standard Fin

Standard Fin

The three types of fins available for the MirageDrive offer the same kind of speed and resistance variation as the gears on a bicycle. The Standard Fins serve as a comfortable middle-gear for cruising pedalers in average-length Mirage models.

ST Fin

ST Fin

Ideal for users who need a bit more speed, yet don't want to increase overall draft beyond that of the Standard Fin. The ST Fin square-top design increases fin surface area while maintaining the 1-foot mast length.

ST Turbo Fin

ST Turbo Fin

Add even more speed to your MirageDrive with a ST Turbo Fin upgrade. The increased fin surface area and mast length provide added resistance and water displacement producing more thrust with each stroke.

Frequently Asked Questions

How deep does the water need to be to use the MirageDrive?
The required depth varies a bit from model to model, but, on average, the water only needs to be about 18" (0.45m) deep when using standard fins. A shorter stroke can be used in stretches of shallower water. See the video above for an example of this technique.
How much maintenance does the MirageDrive require?
Not much. We recommend a quick rinse with fresh water when you're done for the day and an occasional spray with silicone lubricant.
Is the MirageDrive removeable?
Yes. The Click and Go mounting system allows you to quickly remove the MirageDrive for cleaning or storage.
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